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Los Angeles, California

Sound for Picture                                      Equipment List

Recent Work                                                         (what I’ve been up to lately)

A Classy Broad: feature length documentary about Marcia Nasatir, one of the first female film moguls.

Infiniti  (The Beast Within) commercials: car commercials for the web

Bleach: half hour pilot for Colour Creative Network.

Words With Girls: half hour pilot for Colour Creative Network.

Moviestar* Indie feature film shot on location in Chicago with Red Epic.

The Choir Season 1: new comedy web series produced by Issa Rae

All Def Digital Promo: promo for Russell Simmons new youtube channel ALL DEF DIGITAL

As You Like It: Indie feature; the Shakespeare play adapted into a western. Shot on Canon C-500

Kittens In A Cage: Indie feature shot for the web

The Valley Episodes 1-7: new web series. Sound mixer & boom.

ARMY commercial: “I’ve Got Skills” video series for US Army website.  Sound mixer and boom. Shot on Canon C-300.

Awkward Black Girl Season 2: Sound recordist, boom, and post sound mix for entire 2nd season. Including foley and ADR.

Minute Maid commercial:  Sound mixer & boom. Shot on Arri Alexa

Donut Holes:  Sound mixer, boom and post sound mix

Winter Storm: Sound mixer & boom op, short film shot on Arri Alexa

The Best Man: Sound mixer & boom op for short romantic film. Shot on Canon 7D.

Deer Tick Documentary: Sound recordist for upcoming documentary about the band “Deer Tick”. Shot on Panasonic HVX and Canon 5D.

PSA on Binge Drinking: Sound mixer & boom op for public service announcement about the dangers of binge drinking. Shot on Arri Alexa

Awkward Black Girl Episodes 9, 10 & 11: Sound mixer & boom op for monthly viral web series. Shot on multiple Canon 5D’s.

Armed Response: Key boom op for feature film. Shot on RED camera.

Hat Trick: Sound mixer & boom op for short romantic comedy. Shot on Panasonic AF-100

Susan Boyle Interviews: Sound mixer and boom op for commercial on QVC featuring pop icon Susan Boyle.

The Diicks promo teasers: Sound mixer & boom op for a series of promo teasers for an upcoming comedy web series. Shot on RED camera & Canon 5D

Therapy: Sound mixer & boom op for short film shot on Canon 7D.

Olympic BLVD Episode 2: Sound mixer & boom op for webisode series. Shot On Canon 7D.

A Monster Among Men: Feature length horror film. Shot in 8 days in the Utah mountains on Canon 5D

A Test of Love:  Short thriller/ Faith based film shot on Panasonic AG-AS 100.

BDPS episodes 3 & 4:  College humor web series. Shot on Canon 5D.

Methguys/Gabriel Filez:  Dark humor webisode, audio straight to camera via mixer. Shot on Canon 5D.

Weird Tales 5:  Documentary/Reality style program. Hour long episode shot on Panasonic HVX and Canon T2i

The Dark Passenger: Short horror film shot on Panasonic HVX. Shot at the original Meyers house from Halloween.

Tennis : Short film shot on super 16 mm. Dark comedy involving tennis and nazis.

Madly In Love : Musical shot on super 16 mm  




                                                                             photo by: Micah Baskir